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  • The difference is this: While Yoga requires moving from one static posture to the next, without repetitions, Pilates flows through a series of movements that are more dynamic, systematic, and anatomically based.

  • Yoga is a holistic spiritual discipline with its roots in forms of meditation The physical postures, although they condition the body, are really aimed at the mind.

  • Unlike Yoga, the exercises are much more active and can be performed without a sense of boredom. The physical demands of the routine will enable you to feel a very deep sense of relaxation and a tangible sense of daily stress slipping away effortlessly. It is the precise control that you will demand of your body that will magically free your mind.

Pilates is physical conditioning first and foremost. Pilates exercise stretch and strengthen and are unique in their ability to encourage coordination between the muscles that stabilize the body.

“In Yoga you close your eyes and think about the spirit, in Pilates you open your eyes and think about the BUTT!”

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