“After knee replacement surgery in 2013 and bilateral hip replacements in 2014 and 2017, I was unable to walk, stand, sit, or sleep comfortably. Multiple rounds of physical therapy were fruitless and resuming my lifelong passion for horseback riding was simply not possible. Rosemarie and Pilates Silver Sensations Studio changed everything. Immediately, my pain decreased and I was able to walk normally with greater endurance. Within three months, Rosemarie’s guidance and diligent workout regimen enabled me to once again ride my horse pain free!! I will forever be grateful to Rosemarie and Pilates for helping me to regain the quality of my life again. "

Amy Helgren , Client

"I have a slightly curved spine from scoliosis. My hips and shoulders are slightly off balance and fortunately I experience no pain. As an undergraduate student at Michigan State University, I needed to continue with STOTT Pilates in order to improve my condition while at school. I am incredibly thankful to have found Rosemarie Gregg to care for my needs! Her expertise has helped me maintain my core strength, balance, flexibility, and posture. I feel healthier and stronger as a result of our work, which is something I’m incredibly thankful for. I look forward to every class! Working with Rosemarie has been exceptional as she genuinely cares about my performance and I would highly recommend her studio to anyone!"

Benjamin Hogan, Client

“I have a curve in my spine from scoliosis - not bad, but enough that my arms, legs, and hips are just a little off. But I have an active life, so my back and joints have taken a pounding. Some part of my body has hurt every hour, of every day, since my early 20s. Eating Advil wasn’t my idea of a solution. Then I read about STOTT Pilates, specifically, how the exercises can target and strengthen the core and particular regions of the body. So I found Rosemarie Gregg of – Pilates Silver Sensations – online and started taking classes a couple times a week. She made me realize how uneven my musculature had become from compensating for a curved back, and that I could balance that out by strengthening other muscles. No doctor ever explained that to me. Pilates has made a big difference in my flexibility, posture, and joint pain. I wish I’d known about this 30 years ago.”


Dr. Chris DiFonzo, Professor
Michigan State University
Department of Entomology 

"I have been a client of Pilates Silver Sensations Studio for close to two years.  I cannot speak highly enough of Rosemarie.  She is very welcoming and has a very kind demeanor, not to mention her extensive knowledge and the personal attention that she gives each client.  I have become stronger, leaner, and lost weight, all thanks to Rosemarie.  I cannot praise her enough and I would highly recommend this Studio!"

Diane Marshall 

"I have been with Rosemarie Gregg at Pilates Silver Sensations Studio since the birth of my 2nd daughter, 4 years ago.  I recently prepared mys for the birth of my 3rd child (my son) by taking Private Pilates Sessions with Rosemarie during my pregnancy to learn the STOTT PILATES Pre/Post Natal Workout to help with my delivery and recovery back to shape.  While I can say the delivery was not easy, I can absolutely say my recovery has been a thousand times better than the previous two births!  No physical therapy, no hobbling around, no hips out of wack.  I will definitely be back in her Studio one I am cleared for exercise!"



"Pilates Silver Sensations came up in a google search with a few other studios.  Rosemarie's sole concentration and dedication to training is what made me choose her studio.  It showed passion for her work, which translates in the way she instructs.  I'd rather put money into a studio/instructor that cares about her clients and their outcome, than to receive mediocre training elsewhere."

Amanda Davey
Massage Therapist 

"Every time I go out to work in the garden, I thank Rosemarie Gregg. Her inspired instruction in STOTT PILATES has improved my core strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Additionally, her sessions provide take-home lift skills in understanding how quality movement can protect our body from strain in everyday life. With her words (Straight spine! Use your breathing! Shoulders down! Etc.) in my head, I’m able, at the age of 69, to manage an acre of gardens without the back aches and muscles strains that were routine before I found Rosemarie and STOTT PILATES.”

Sandra Perry
Retired Pesticide Education Specialist
Michigan State University

“I have really been enjoying Pilates. I was not an athlete in High School or College, so sticking to an exercise routine has always been a challenge for me. Often when I’ve signed up for a class, I would have to motivate myself to stick with it. I was drawn to Rosemarie’s classes through her company – Pilates Silver Sensations - due to its philosophy – “STOTT Pilates exercise improves core strength and rebalances the muscles around the joints, improving the way the body looks, functions and feels. As we age, we develop habits to compensate for weaknesses in parts of our bodies by placing weight on other stronger joints and muscles creating imbalances in our postural alignment, which is a source for much of the pain we feel.” After just several sessions, I have already seen a difference, and leave each class feeling relaxed, yet energized. I no longer have to motivate myself to stick with exercising; I look forward to my Pilates class!”

Karen Gilluly

"I have been taking Pilates classes with Rosemarie for 4 years now. She is an encouraging and attentive instructor, constantly observing and correcting our form if needed. Each week she introduces new exercises so that the workout stays challenging and interesting. I enjoyed her classes so much that I started attending them twice a week, and I definitely feel that I have gained body strength.”


Dr. Jeannette Kanefsky
Michigan State University 

“I have searched for years to find something that I could enjoy doing and that had health benefits too. My search is now over. I have found PILATES. Since I started Pilates, it has helped to make a profound change in both my mind and my body. Instructor, Rosemarie Gregg, has a true passion for STOTT Pilates and it shows. She makes each class both challenging and rewarding. With her willingness to share her knowledge of STOTT Pilates, I plan to continue to learn from Rosemarie for a long time to come.”


Laurie L. Gadaleto (Retired)
Lansing Country Club Member

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my Pilates experience with Rosemarie Gregg. She is an excellent instructor and I am definitely feeling improved strength and greater flexibility, especially in my lower back, where I need it most. I am looking forward to our next session."


Brian Huggler, ABR,CIPS,CRS
Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood

“Working with Rosemarie Gregg of Pilates Silver Sensations in STOTT Pilates has been an excellent experience. She has helped me lose weight, have a better range of motion, and over all better physical strength. I would recommend to anyone who wants to tone and have an overall better body to take her STOTT Pilates class at least three times or more a week. Her teaching methods are awesome and she really knows how to break it down so anyone can understand and be able to perform all the different movements. Again, if you are looking to get into shape or just maintain what you have, Rosemarie Gregg’s STOTT Pilates class is the way to go.”


Clayton Burch

“I have been taking the STOTT Pilates Intermediate classes so I can learn how to do this type of exercise properly and to gain more flexibility. I feel like I’ve achieved both goals since taking classes from Rosemarie Gregg of Pilates Silver Sensations; and I know I still have more to learn. While, I was doing Pilates at home via a video – nothing beats getting hands-on experience from a professional. Rosemarie is a delight to have as a teacher and is very adept at explaining how to do Pilates and also is very patient with beginners! If you’re interested in this form of exercise, I would highly recommend taking instruction from Rosemarie. In addition to being a good workout – Pilates is really enjoyable when done right.”


Pam Jahnke
Michigan State University